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Buddhists murder Muslims in Myanmar. Hindus rape and murder a Muslim girl in India. Why does religion lead so often to violence? The country is India. The eight-year-old girl came from a nomadic Muslim community in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The police say a group of Hindu men lured her into a forest. They kidnapped her and  drugged her. In the end, they  locked her in a Hindu temple.  There, they gang-raped her and then strangled  her. Police found the little girl's body  in  a blood-smeared dress in January. It is now the biggest news in India. It gets into some of the most stubborn issues faced by this country. The abuse of women and  girls and the  deep divisions between Hindus and  Muslims. The men who raped and strangled  the girl  confessed. They said they wanted to terrorize the Muslim people. It was part of a plot to drive them away. The crime is driving India apart. It is even a threat to the prime minister, Narendra Modi. First, there is the horror of the crime itself: rape. Now, more sickening details have emerged. The outrage is growing. An observer said this was a planned crime. They "were using the rape of a little girl over days as  a political weapon." Some  of India's biggest film stars  have  staged a social media campaign to share their  disgust. At first, the reaction to the news . But the case roared back to life last week. A group of lawyers surrounded a courthouse. They tried to block police officers from filing charges. They claim  Muslims will be charge of  the investigation. Some of  the lawyers were with Prime Minister Modi's nationalist  party. It is the Bharatiya Janata Party (known as the B.J.P). India's ruling party had not learned the painful political lessons from a rape in 2012. The Indian National Congress  (INC) was in power at the time. Critics said it was slow and tone deaf to the crime. Now the INC is in opposition. The charges are now against Mr. Modi and his nationalist party. This case is becoming another low point between  India's Hindus and Muslims.  Politicians often stir the two communities  against each other. The victim was Muslim.  All eight men arrested are Hindus. Some of the investigators  are Muslim. As for Prime Minister Modi. An expert said, "Mr. Modi definitely spoke too  late." Said another,  "Modi  is always a slow reactor. He waits for  an issue to go away and when  it does not, and he is  in a corner, he speaks up and makes platitudes." Source: The New York Times April 14, 2018 )

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